This session will provide your institute with opportunities to network and connect with other institutes, and showcase your institute’s resources; to find potential partners among GADRI members to collaborate, engage and enhance ongoing or new research project activities.

For instance:

  • some institutes may have their own methodologies, datasets, experimental equipment, computer resources, etc., but lack users, application fields, in-situ data for validation, etc.
  • Other institutes may have enough human resources (researchers) but many unsolved issues and in need of scientific knowledge, experience, experimental and observation equipment, and technological supports and vice versa.

This session will, in particularly, explore research seeds and needs and assist to realize the effective/active collaboration among GADRI members.

Don't miss this opportunity to find a potential partner for collaboration research activities.


  • Please submit 1-page PPT slide ( to explain your “Seeds & Needs” for collaboration; and your expectation from a future partner within 300 words. See the attached templates.
  • Please include a short message and your contact details (E-mail, institute/university/center name, etc.)

Submission instructions:

  • Please use the link below to submit the 1-page PPT slide: (finished)
  • Send the 300-word summary together with your contact detail to the GADRI Secretariat using the e-mail address -
  • You are also required to register at the 6th Global Summit of GADRI registration siteith the “same name”.
  • Deadline for the submission is 25th December 2022 20 January 2023.

Templates of 1-page PPT and the 300-word summary:

Please note:

The 1-page PPT slide and your summary will be uploaded on the 6th Global Summit of GADRI website. Potential partners will be able to look at your documents prior to the Networking session. You will have a chance to discuss with your potential partner/s during the Networking session or at the summit.



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20 January 2023 - Seeds and Needs - Networking with Institutes Session

20 January 2023 - GADRI Survey

15-17 March 2023 -
6th Global Summit of GADRI at DPRI, Kyoto University, Uji Campus, Kyoto, Japan