6th Global Summit of GADRI:

Towards GADRI Objectives of Achieving a Sustainable Disaster-Resilient World

The prolonged worldwide pandemic and cascading risks have taught us that the conventional approach to disaster risk planning and management is ineffective for the development of sustainable and resilient communities. A worldwide pandemic underscores the importance of integrating the following key areas: -

  1. Disaster risk should not be treated in isolation but should be integrated with health risks, climate change, and environmental risks;
  2. DRR objectives and vision should be integrated with sustainable development goals to foster a resilient world;
  3. Short-term DRR objectives need to be integrated with a long-term vision and plans for a resilient society.

Towards a sustainable and resilient society, the GADRI's five-fold objectives, which include establishing global research networks, developing research roadmaps and plans, building the capacities of research institutes, sharing information and engaging in collaborative research, and advocating for organizations, need to be directed toward the above-mentioned three key areas for integration in research and development.

The 6th GADRI Global Summit aims to systematically identify the processes, techniques, evidence, challenges and opportunities for achieving the GADRI objectives for a sustainable and resilient society against hazards and working to keep them from becoming disasters. Program participants will communicate academic science across scientific disciplines to policymakers and practitioners.


  1. COVID 19 recovery and building disaster resiliency
  2. Disaster risk governance
  3. GADRI for realizing the SENDAI Framework
  4. Inclusive and equitable DRR
  5. Sustainable DRR: Integrating climate action, SDGs and DRR
  6. GADRI Objective - I (global research network) for Sustainable and Resilient Society Against Disasters (SRSAD)
  7. GADRI Objective - II (developing research roadmaps and plans) for SRSAD
  8. GADRI Objective - III (building the capacities of research institutes) for SRSAD
  9. GADRI Objective - IV (mutual sharing information and engaging in collaborative research) for SRSAD
  10. GADRI Objective - V (serve as an advocacy organization ) for SRSAD

(Note: Sub-themes 6 to 10 will identify the gaps, discuss what we can do/what should be done and suggest recommendations towards realizing GADRI objectives)

Pre-conference survey:

  • Related to the five committees - contributions –


Plenary; Group Discussion; COVID-19 recovery; Committees of GADRI; Sustainable DRR; DR Governance; Gender equality; SFDRR; SDGs and Climate Change; Stocktaking



20 January 2023 - Poster Session

20 January 2023 - GADRI Scholarships

20 January 2023 - Seeds and Needs - Networking with Institutes Session

20 January 2023 - GADRI Survey

15-17 March 2023 -
6th Global Summit of GADRI at DPRI, Kyoto University, Uji Campus, Kyoto, Japan