i. Virtual conference within 26-28 hours

ii. Two common sessions are proposed at the beginning and at the end regardless of the time;

iii. three continental sessions for participants in each region to participate.

  • Asia covering Oceania – hosted by the GADRI
  • Secretariat and supported by Prof. Mahua Mukherjee
  • Americas covering North and South America –Prof. Paul Kovacs supported by Prof. Lori Peek and Prof. John van de Lindt
  • Europe covering Africa and the Middle-East – Prof. Jorgen Sparf supported by Prof. Andrew Collins, and Dr. Tom De Groeve

iv. Participants are allowed to send in their questions on a session even though they are unable to participate in a particular session.

v. Every session will be recorded and immediately uploaded to the summit website for ease of access to participants.

vi. In general, all registered participants are allowed to take part in every session.

vii. General structure:
- Common opening session - All participants to attend these session

o Opening remarks, may include

- Opening by Commissioner or Director General - “The EU beliefs that global collaboration in research is essential to create the necessary evidence base for policy making. The partnership between the Commission’s Knowledge Centre and GADRI/EUDRI helps bridge the gap between the academic world and the policy world.”

- Assistant Secretary-General and Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction in the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR)

- President Kyoto University and Director, DPRI, Kyoto University;


- Continent Plenary and group discussion sessions

o At least one Keynote speech
o At least three to four discussion groups
o One panel session with rapporteur from each group

- Common Panel session, wrap-up; and closing Session - All participants to attend these session

o Each continent rapporteur to represent the group discussion sessions
o Wrap-up
o Closing session – closing remarks

Plenary Sessions:

  • Keynote speakers to be identified
  • 20-40- minute presentation and 20-minute discussion session
  • Presentations will be recorded
  • Copyrighted materials should be used (GADRI will not be responsible for any copyright issues or disputes.)
  • Should be available for immediate uploading in the conference portal
  • GADRI Secretariat should be provided with an abstract, keywords, and a paper for the conference proceedings. For further details on the paper, please refer to abstracts and final paper section.


  • All presentation graphics/pictures are understood to be fully copyrighted and is the responsible of the presenter
  • Uploaded presentations are not available to be copied or cited outside the conference
  • Presentations are available for viewing only by the registered participants
  • Would need an abstract, keywords, and a paper for the conference proceedings. For further details on the paper, please refer to abstracts and final paper section.


Registration will close on Saturday, 28th August 2021 at 12:00 hours (noon) Japan Standard Time (JST)
A final extension of the deadline for registrations -

31 Aug. 2021 - 01 Sep. 2021
5th Global Summit of Research Institutes for Disaster Risk Reduction