GADRI is a network coordinating research institutes engaged in disaster risk reduction and resilience at a global level to advance the global agenda of science community. Actions to be taken by scientists are clearly defined by the Science and Technology Roadmap and Sendai Framework Agenda for 2030. All members of GADRI will be requested to voluntarily declare and report their research achievements and contributions along the lines of the S&T Roadmap and the progress and actions in terms of supporting the implementation of the priority areas of the Sendai Framework Agenda.

GADRI membership is reaching 200 institutes excluding the members of the regional alliances. If each member institute contribute their actions towards the Roadmap, this would generate valuable information on the areas where most of the research is done and identify areas where there are gaps or where no research is being conducted.

It is proposed to prepare a questionnaire that would give the basis for group discussions with research data, gaps, where things are moving well or not, and guide to future directions.

Collected and analysed data and outputs from discussion sessions will also serve as GADRI Conference outcome and GADRI contribution to the Science and Technology Roadmap and the Sendai Framework Agenda for 2030.

Questionnaire -

- The inputs are voluntary contributions as a member of GADRI
- Questions are phrased to maintain both coherences, and easy to reply
- Target F on finance – linked to where there are research needs for funding and how to know about it. How to link the gap of funding and most needed research?
- Research collaboration activities – national and local engagements – research collaborations to bridge funding gaps
- What is the important link with academics to the society or the service offered by academics during natural hazard or emergency situations?
- Various guidelines and tools already are in place to answer these questions. How are these tools?


5th Global Summit of Research Institutes for Disaster Risk Reduction Date: 31 Aug. 2021 - 01 Sep. 2021
Place: Online