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Disaster Prevention Research Center (DPRC)
National Cheng-Kung University (NCKU)

Chinese Taipei

On July 31, 1996 , Typhoon Herb brought a tremendous rain and caused severe floods and sediment-related disasters especially debris flow disaster along the Chen-Yo-Lan river, the disaster prevention becomes a focal point as well as common needs of society.

Established in October, 1996, the Disaster Prevention Research Center (DPRC) of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) is a part of the University's General Center in research, as well as one of the main institutions for disaster prevention and mitigation in Taiwan.

DPRC is established with the purpose of improving the technology and countermeasures of disaster prevention, and also study a suitable technical code for disaster prevention and rescue with specialists and researchers. The main missions are as following:

  • Conducting the research on the disaster prevention, and applying the research results to the actual work
  • Developing disaster prevention systems and establishing disaster prevention databases
  • Assisting the improvement of disaster prevention system and the promotion of disaster prevention works.
  • Organizing symposiums, workshops and promotional campaigns on disaster prevention, and participating in international academic exchange with professions in this field
  • Publishing academic journals and media presentations related to disaster prevention
  • Accepting commission of disaster prevention projects and providing expert consultation service.
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