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Tainan Hydraulics Laboratory (THL)
National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)

Chinese Taipei

In the light of the nationwide contribution of hydraulic engineering, THL aims to focus on using the educational cooperative support system to resolve engineering problems. In the early days, THL endeavored in the research of harbor and marine construction and today its contribution has gained an international reputation.

The succeeding mission of THL is: 1.) Investigation, experiment, and analysis in the area of hydraulic and marine engineering; 2.) Research on national economic development and planning; 3.) Compiling and supervising projects for Water Resource Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs; 4.) Creating hydraulic and marine database as well as Geographic Information System (GIS). 5.) Assisting interdisciplinary instruction, research, and practical training in order to make industries, officials, and academics into a whole and thus to achieve the terminal goal, globalization.

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