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Research Center for Disaster Mitigation, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)


Research Center for Disaster Mitigation, under the coordination of Institute for Research and Community Service - Institute of Technology Bandung, was established since 2003 with the name of Research Group on Disaster Mitigation and then changed into Center for Disaster Mitigation (in 2005) before its current name. The change of name in 2011 brought wider authority and responsibility.

The missions of RCDM ITB now are to enhance fundamental and applied research activities, which are able to anticipate, respond to and mitigate the disaster risk; to promote fundamental and applied research results that can strengthen the policy development in disaster management in order to achieve sustainable development; and to support the formation of disaster mitigation expert-communities in Indonesia through education. Research Area: RCDM ITB is a multidiscipline area. Many experts from many expertise, such as seismology, active tectonic, tsunami, infrastructure, geodesy, geology, volcanology, disaster management, regional policy, technology failures, and disaster instrument, which is represented by board of researcher. Besides, the center is also supported by Advisory Board, which consisting of respected head of several institutions related with disaster mitigation. As part of university, the research implemented by RCDMP ITB are focused in three main tasks, i.e. education, research and community services through community-based disaster mitigation activities to increase the awareness of community.

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