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Jasa Tirta I Public Corporation (PJT I)


Jasa Tirta Public Corporation was established as a state-owned company with a specified concensus in rendering water services and performing O&M activities based on water service fee abstracted from the users. The corporation was established under the Government Regulation No. 5 of 1990. To adapt further to the responsibilites and assignments, the regulating basis of Jasa Tirta I Public Corporation (PJT I) was twice ammended.

Firstly, in 1999, by the Government Regulation No. 93 of 1999, in order to strengthen the organization and permit its jurisdiction to extend to other basins; and recently by the Government Regulation No. 46 of 2010.

The objective and goal of PJT I is take part and support the Government policy and program on economic sector and national development in general, and particularly on business of water resources and its management, as well as optimization of PJT I's resources to produce goods and services based on healthy corporation management principles. In order to achieve the objective and goal, PJT I conducts main business activities: (1) services to provide bulk water for drinking water, industry, agriculture, flushing, port, electric power generation and others; (2) provide water power to generate electricity for the State Electricity Company; (3) generate and distribute electric power and drinking water, perform consulting in water resources fields, heavy equipment rental and water quality laboratory services, and (4) develop other water-related services including piped domestic supply at specified scales. PJT I in-charged in managing the water resources in 40 rivers (including the Brantas River) of the Brantas River Basin and to operate, maintaining, and managing the major infrastructure in these rivers. In 2000, the corporation was authorized to undertake water resources management activities within 25 rivers of the Bengawan Solo River Basin (an inter-provincial river basin lying in Central and East Java Provinces). In 2014 the corporation was authorized to undertake water resources management activities including controlling of water destructive forces, in Serayu Bogowonto and Jratunseluna River Basins in Central Java and Toba Asahan River Basin in North Sumatera.

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