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Croatian Centre for Earthquake Engineering (CCEE)
Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb


Contact Person: Prof. Josip Atalić

In Croatia, there is a long tradition of research in the field of earthquake engineering, but for decades we relied mainly on other regional centers (for example, IZIIS). After becoming an independent country ( 1991), most issues related to earthquake engineering were ignored (considering many other major problems), i.e. experts worked individually /scattered at universities all over Croatia, including in Zagreb. Experts and scientists from the Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE), University of Zagreb , have participated for many years in various regional and international scientific projects, conferences and workshops on earthquake related topics and are authors of numerous scientific papers published in regional and international journals. They have acquired their knowledge through participation

journals. They have acquired their knowledge through participation in projects, training courses and workshops on disaster risk reduction, post earthquake damage assessment and rescue team collaboration. They have expanded their field experience by participating in damage assessments after past devastating regional earthq uakes and floods.

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