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Pacific International Center for Disaster Risk Reduction (PIC-DRR)



The center is located in Guayaquil, Ecuador at ESPOL (Polytechnic University). It was created on February 2017.

The PIC-DRR main objective is to improve the understanding and governance of risk in order to prevent the development of new risk, to reduce the current ones, by means of the use and dissemination of new knowledge, academic preparation, and technical cooperation.

The PIC-DRR works with two of Sendai Framework of Action priorities:

Priority 1: Understanding disaster risk.

Priority 2: Strengthening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk.

PIC-DRR first focus is on supporting research for Resilience Cities in Ecuador. Currently, it has one proposal submitted for working with a small size municipality in Ecuador and is working on proposal development for other municipalities and also for doing the Country Risk Study for the Ecuadorian government Insurance Company

The challenges facing are mainly to turn scientific results into policy making and policy implementation. The PIC-DRR gathers researchers from many disciplines: earth sciences, social sciences and policy-making

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