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Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Water Security (IPASA), Research Institute for Systainable Environment
Universiti Technologi Malaysia (UTM)



The Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Water Security (IPASA) was founded in 1994, formerly known as the Institute of Environmental and Water Resource Management. IPASA is one of the research centres that has been established under the umbrella of Research Institute for Sustainable Environment (RISE). It is an interdisciplinary centre, which integrates expertise in various fields at UTM to work with problems related to environment.

The Centre undertakes both basic and applied research in providing practical and sustainable solutions in environmental related areas. The current research areas include flood mitigation, flood modelling, climate change impact, green technology, life cycle assessment (LCA), carbon and water footprints, water and wastewater treatment technology, integrated water resources management, urban runoff management, waste recovery and water reuse. These researches are funded by public and private agencies and some are carried out in collaboration with researchers from other countries such as Japan, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

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