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Institute of Noise and Vibration, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)



The Institute of Noise & Vibration is a centre of excellence of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia established in 1992 offering technical services and industrial research of the University in noise & vibration and seismic engineering to industry.

It is recognised as a referral centre by the industry and government agencies for noise & vibration and seismic engineering in the country. Personnel of the Institute are leading authorities in this specialised field in the region.

The Institute is a self financing autonomous business unit of the University. The Institute consists of highly experienced academic faculty members and full time consulting professionals undertaking all technical services of the Institute. Consulting projects and other assignments are otien secured on a referral basis from the industry and government agencies. We are the preferred technical partners in noise & vibration for GLCs, MNCs and industry leaders in oil & gas, power generation, infrastructure development and construction.

Our design and investigations are supported by extensive and comprehensive use of computer modeling and analysis. We put into practice our strong belief that there must be an engineering basis for design and problem solving ‐ so that key features and/or root causes could be identified for cost effective solutions and remedial solutions could be developed. The formulation of such solutions and design options can only be undertaken when supported by comprehensive measurements, analytical and computational analysis.

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