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Centre for Disaster Resilience, University of Salford

United Kingdom


Our aim is to be a global leader in built environment research and education that develops societal resilience to disasters.

Within this holistic societal goal lies a more specific community objective of building resilience and adaptation measures. In achieving this aim the centre's strategy is to focus on the strengths of the existing multidisciplinary membership, our portfolio of funded research projects, our existing postgraduate research community and our national and international collaborative partners.


  • Capacity building for disaster mitigation and reconstruction
  • Risk management and sustainability
  • Post-conflict reconstruction
  • Community engagement and participation in post-disaster reconstruction
  • Protection and empowerment of women and other vulnerable groups
  • Knowledge management and integration for disaster management
  • Post disaster waste management
  • Extreme weather events and coping strategies
  • Disaster risk reduction and culture
  • Resilience and adaptive capacities of SMEs
  • Use of ICT / visualisation for Disaster Management
  • Improved disaster resilience through social media interaction

CDR has led and contributed to a wide range of projects within the broad theme of disaster resilience:

  • Funding from diverse, prestigious and innovative sources, including EU Framework 7, EU Lifelong Learning, EU Asia Link, European Social Fund, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, British Council and RICS.
  • Addressed major local and global challenges such as climate change adaptation, social impact of post-conflict reconstruction, gender, curricular development, knowledge management, continuity planning, and capacity building for resilience.
  • Projects carried out in close collaboration with academic, government and non-government partners.

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