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The University of Alabama, Center for Sustainable Infrastructure


The mission of the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (CSI) is to conduct research associated with constructing, expanding, maintaining, and rehabilitating all aspects of physical infrastructure. The Center facilitates and leads multi-disciplinary, collaborative programs and explores linkages between different infrastructure systems that are traditionally studied in separate specialty areas. The Center is particularly focused on the safe and efficient creation of resilient infrastructure, including assessment of infrastructure condition, vulnerability, and recovery from disaster.

Four key research themes of the CSI are 1) multi-hazards community-based resilience, 2) energy simulation and retrofitting of buildings, 3) accelerated and automated construction, and 4) advanced materials for civil infrastructure. Its Large Scale Structures Laboratory (LSSL) contains a 75-foot by 40-foot test floor with a 3-foot thick strong floor, two 15-ton capacity overhead cranes, and 2-foot thick reconfigurable reinforced-concrete blocks that can be stacked and post-tensioned to the strong floor to provide reaction walls on the testing floor. The sponsors of research projects include National Science Foundation, Federal Highway Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, State DOTs, and the industry.

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