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Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI)
Kyoto University


In 1951, the Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI) was established for research on mechanisms of natural hazards and mitigation of disasters. Since then, DPRI has been a leader in many aspects of natural disaster science, promoting interdisciplinary studies in collaboration with other universities and institutions in Japan.

The current mission of DPRI is to study the mechanisms of natural hazards, establish integrated methodologies for disaster reduction based on natural and social sciences, and educate graduate students in science, engineering, and informatics. DPRI has five research divisions, six research centers, and a division of technical affairs. In addition, 15 laboratories and observatories located in western Japan conduct experimental studies and field observations on natural hazards. To promote integrated research projects, each division and center belongs to one of four research groups: 'Integrated Arts and Sciences for Disaster Reduction', 'Seismic and Volcanic Hazards', 'Geohazards', and 'Atmosphere-Hydrosphere Hazards'. DPRI provides the public with scientific results and knowledge on natural hazards and advises national and local governments on disaster prevention strategies.

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