Projects which aims at development of methodologies, information platforms and sharing evidence-based materials among GADRI members.

For example:


Projects involved with research topics to enhance collaboration between members of GADRI who share interest in a same thematic research field.

For example:


Projects concentrating in case studies to solve real world problems in a specific case study area.

For example:

  • Wadi Flash Floods - Trans-disciplinary Management Considering Disaster Reduction and Sustainable Water Harvesting in the Arab Region


To reach the proposed objectives, GADRI will engage in general key activities with its member institutions as follows:

  • Planning and organization of collaborative disaster risk research initiatives

  • Formation of international research groups to investigate current global disasters, and implement new research methodologies

  • Establishment of an international network for timely communication related to natural disaster research

  • Organization of conferences, workshops and meetings

  • Dissemination and sharing of information, publications, reports, data, etc.

  • Facilitation of rapid reconnaissance field surveys following disasters

  • Preparation of GADRI news releases, policy recommendations, news bulletins, research reports, and other publications.