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Centre for Infrastructure Performance and Reliability (CIPAR)
School of Engineering, The University of Newcastle

Callaghan, NSW

Contact Person: Prof. Mark G. Stewart

The Centre for Infrastructure Performance and Reliability (CIPAR) is at the international forefront in assessing the reliability, safety, durability and management of buildings, bridges, pipelines, aviation, and other infrastructure systems.

The pioneering research at CIPAR includes risk and reliability assessment, corrosion of infrastructure, and structural masonry.

The Centre for Infrastructure Performance and Reliability (CIPAR) comprises the following areas of international research strength:

  • Modelling of deterioration of steel, reinforced concrete structures,
  • Performance, durability and reliability of structural masonry,
  • Probabilistic terrorism risk assessment,
  • Structural response to explosive blast loading,
  • Security risk assessment and infrastructure protection,
  • Corrosion of cast iron bridge piers in marine environments,
  • Long-term corrosion of steel reinforcement in marine concrete structures
  • Energy performance of buildings and building materials,
  • Risk-based assessment of climate change adaptation strategies,
  • Influence of natural and man-made hazards on infrastructure risk and safety,
  • Risk-based decision-making,
  • Structural reliability and risk assessment of complex systems, and
  • Life-cycle and sustainability issues for new materials, buildings and infrastructure.
The Centre for Infrastructure Performance and Reliability comprises twelve academic and research staff. In the past five years CIPAR staff have published over 300 peer-reviewed research papers and obtained over $8 million in research funding from the Australian Research Council and industry. This places CIPAR at the forefront of international research in structural and reliability engineering.

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