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Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities
O.P. Jindal Global University


JSLH is a value frame or a particular ideal of education. It emphasizes the teacher as an exemplar. Performativity and commitment become important. A teacher becomes a legend who creates the folklore of liberal arts. The student is not a passive creature. She is a creator and inventor of a new self or a renewed self. She is a seeker, explorer and the syllabus becomes a map of possibilities. In a Deleuzian sense, liberal arts are not about tracing. Mapping is an act of reinvention; one explores, invents and rediscovers a territory.

Pedagogy becomes crucial because it is the act of teaching that is the eventual educational act, a drama unfolding everyday around a canonical text, an invitation to re-reading, as an unfolding invention. These attributes and approach make JSLH one of the best colleges for humanities.

There is also the dream of democracy. Liberal arts and humanities provide the syllabus for a democratic way of life. It is here that cosmos, a community, a constitution and a syllabus can all integrate into a four-fold way of life we can call democratic. The ideas of a cosmos invokes world views anchored in religions and civilizations, creating a relation between man, nature and god, creating a multiverse of meanings, where old dichotomies between politics and religions, science and religion are re-explored. A cosmos needs a community or a neighborhood of communities to embed it and embrace it. A community needs a history, a story teller and an ethics of memory which becomes the basis of an ethics of caring. Liberal arts and humanities is fundamentally about responsibility, leadership and judgment, the creativity of standing up for something.

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