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University for Development Studies (UDS)



UDS was established in May 1992 by PNDC Law 279, with the mandate to work towards the total development of the northern regions in particular and Ghana as a whole. The University's philosophy is Pro-poor and geared towards Self development and Sustainability. UDS currently has four main campuses in Northern Ghana.

UDS is promoting equitable socio-economic transformation of communities through

  • practically-oriented,
  • community-based,
  • problem-solving,
  • gender-sensitive and interactive research,
  • teaching, learning and outreach programmes.

Students in local communities, do Needs Assessments and write an Intervention Proposal intended to solve problems identified in their selected communities. This orientation is important for research oriented towards education and assistance to the rural communities in need of disaster education.

UDS has taken part in CECAR Africa project dealing in disaster management and resilience building as pilot for the entire Africa and made major impact in communities where project was implemented. We are yet to expand activities of the project to other parts of Ghana and Africa. We also need to link with relevant organizations both in Ghana as well as outside country. In this respect, GADRI Membership will be of immense help and support to UDS and its activities in collection disaster information, education and mitigation.

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