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China Research Center for Emergency Management (CCEM), Wuhan University of Technology

Hubei Province
P. R. China

China Research Center for Emergency Management of Wuhan University of Technology(hereinafter referred to as The center) was established in December 2005. Its predecessor is Crisis and Disaster Research Center of Wuhan University of Technology. It is the first research institution engaging in public security and emergency management during domestic colleges and Universities. In October 2007, Hubei Provincial Department of Education formally approved The Center to construct and operate as

"The Key Research Base for Humanities and Social Sciences of Universities of Hubei Province"; In 2004, authorized by the People's Government of Hubei Province, " Hubei Collaborative Innovation Center for Early Warning and Emergency Response Technology " was established by the uinon of 28 government functional departments, cities, universities, research institutes and large enterprises.

The members of scientific research team of The Center come from University of South Australia, City University of Hong Kong, University of Science & Technology of China, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology and other well-known colleges and universities. With more than 700 square meters of research site and 2,000 square meters of Visualized Simulation and Analog Laboratory, more than 3,000 copies of professional books, journals and scientific material to meet the needs of scientific research, personnel training and social services, etc., The Center has the abundant power and superior conditions for scientific research.

On the basis of national demand, The Center conducts the identification, description, formation and evolution mechanism, development trend analysis and potential risk degree evaluation, precautionary measures and emergency management, the theory of strategic decision, methods and key supporting technologies research of unconventional and non-traditional security problem, and devote to create an international leading, multi-interdisciplinary and innovative research base of public safety and emergency management. According to the medium and long term development plan (2006-2020) of Wuhan University of Technology, as the key research base of Hubei Province, the "Crisis and Disaster Research Center for Emergency Management of Hubei Province" will be constructed into the National Key Research Base for Humanities and Social Science , by gathering the internal and external dominant resources of university.

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