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Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEP)
Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT)

P. R. China

The Center for Energy & Environmental Policy Research, Beijing Institute of Technology, was founded in 2009. The current director of CEEP-BIT, Prof. Yi-Ming Wei, established a CAS-CNPC Joint Center for Energy and Environmental Policy in 2006, and held the founding director..

The core research team then joined BIT and kept on contributing to research, education and international communication in the fields of energy and environmental policy.According to the statistical analysis from RePEc in June,2015,CEEP-BIT ranks 45, top 10% institutions in the field of Environmental Economics at IDEAS(, and ranks 52,top 10% institutions in the field of Energy Economics at IDEAS (

CEEP-BIT conducts researches on energy economics, climate policy and environmental management armed with qualitative and quantitative tools, aiming to provide scientific basis for public and private decisions in strategy planning and management that needed to cope with China's increasing demand for energy as well as the challenges of adapting to and mitigating climate change. CEEP also serves as a professional education center and a platform for international exchange in the area of energy and environmental policy research.

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