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Federal University of Campina Grande

Campina Grande


The Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG) is located in the State of Paraíba, in the north-eastern region of Brazil. UFCG is a multi-campi university, with campuses in 7 cities of the state, with 11 academic centres, 1,481 faculty members, 1,420 staff members, 19,000 undergraduate students, 1,800 graduated students and 250 research groups in many different fields of expertise: Agrarian Sciences; Biological Sciences; Health Sciences; Exact Sciences and Earth; Humanities; Social Sciences; Engineering; Literature and Arts.

The university´s research focuses on studies and research on environmental disasters in a broad sense, spanning several areas. This is partly motivated by the institution's location in the semiarid region of Brazil, high populated and socially and economically vulnerable to environmental hazards, such as droughts, desertification, land degradation, flash floods, health vulnerability, leading to social inequality.

Research challenges addressed by our research groups are strongly related to, among other topics, water availability, pollution, access and management, epidemics of dengue, Zika virus and Chikungunya, resilient agroecology and family-based agriculture, climate variability and change, waste management, regional sustainability, disaster monitoring in rural and urban environments, risk communication, land cover and change, desertification.

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