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College of Architecture and Environment
Sichuan University (SCU)

P.R. China

The predecessor of College of Architecture and Environment is referred to as School of Urban Construction and Environmental Protection, which was approved by the Ministry of Education in 1988. The college now consists of four departments: Department of Mechanics& Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Environmental Science& Engineering and Department of Architecture.

Up to now, the college has integrated various disciplines including engineering mechanics, civil engineering, environmental science, architecture, planning and garden engineering. It's characterized by its strong strength of technology& engineering combined with humanity, science with art, research with practice and teaching with innovation. It serves as an international frontrunner in scientific research, and also endeavours to boost local economic development in social services. With 4 Doctor's degree authorization centres of first-level discipline, 7 Master's degree authorization centres of first-level discipline, 3 Professional Master's degree authorization centres and 10 Undergraduate degree programmes, the college has become a well-known fostering base for highly specialized talents in engineering mechanics, civil engineering, architecture, environmental protection, etc. In more than 20 years, the college has delivered more than 1550 graduates of PhD and master degree and over 6000 undergraduates. A number of the graduates have developed into leaders of their fields and backbones of enterprises and public institutions.

The running principle of the college is "scholarship-based, teaching-led self-discipline and social commitment for bigger accomplishment with serenity of mind". The aim of the college is to cultivate a pool of talents with independent thinking and innovative spirits; teaching staff with academic enthusiasm, enriched mind and exemplary behaviour; a scholar group with distinctive characteristics, close synergy and significant influence. It will grasp every opportunity to accelerate the healthy, harmonious and sustainable development of the college. We sincerely invite students and outstanding scholars from all over the world to study or teach here. The members of the college are striving to construct a world-class academic institution, together with friends from all sectors of the society.

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