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Research Center for Potential Development of
Disaster Prevention (PDDP), Akita University


The center was established in January 2006 as one of research centers attached to the Graduate School of Engineering and Resource Science to make our community safe and peace from natural disasters,

and is composed of the following six research fields : 1) Earthquake disaster, 2) Tsunami disaster, 3) River disaster, 4) Slope disaster, 5) Volcanic disaster and 6) Information and plan for disaster prevention and mitigation.

The center aims to promote fundamental and applied studies that contribute to prevention and mitigation of natural disasters, to study and support regional disaster prevention and mitigation, and to educate and spread the knowledge of natural disasters on the general public, the local government staff concerned, the company personnel concerned and so on through lecture meetings, forums, seminars, symposiums, etc. In order to perform these aims, the center actively promotes cooperative researches and projects with national and local governments, companies, local communities and so on.

Postgraduate students may study in any of above fields towards the master's and doctor's degrees under the supervision of the center staff.

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