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Center for Public Health Disaster Science , New York University (NYU)

New York

The NYU Center for Public Health Disaster Science applies social science and public health theory and methods to the complex challenges posed to community and individual health and well-being by natural, man-made, biological, and technological hazards and disasters.

The Center's Investigators conduct original research on population preparedness, response, and recovery; disaster impacts along the life-course; systems approaches to disaster studies; risk communication and decision-making; and the study of resilience. The Center serves as a resource to affected and at-risk communities; to policy-makers and public officials; to disaster and public health scholars; to the media; and to the public health students and the larger academic community at New York University.

The current research portfolio of the Center includes NIH-funded work on long-term disaster recovery, NSF-funded work on the role of belief systems in vaccine-related decision-making, and CDC-funded work on developing performance measures of public health preparedness, as well as ongoing research on the impacts of COVID on the New York State health workforce.

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