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Public Health England

United Kingdom


We are an executive agency of the UK Department of Health, and a distinct delivery organisation with operational autonomy to advise and support the government, local authorities and the NHS in a professionally independent manner.

We employ 5,500 staff (full-time equivalent), mostly scientists, researchers and public health professionals.

We have 8 local centres, plus an integrated region and centre for London, and 4 regions (north of England, south of England, Midlands and east of England, and London).

We work closely with public health professionals in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and internationally.

Public Health England was established on 1 April 2013 to bring together public health specialists from more than 70 organisations into a single public health service.

PHE's research within disaster risk reduction aims to ensure public health and science has a prominent role in the Sendai framework. To achieve this, PHE regularly conducts robust, evidence-based research into disaster risk reduction.

Our research is conducted on the understanding that disasters don't recognise borders, and so protecting the health and wellbeing of the UK involves a commitment research on global issues.

PHE is an executive agency, sponsored by the Department of Health.

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