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Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau (CECB)

Sri Lanka


The Natural Resources Management and Laboratory Services (NRM&LS), is an AGM unit of the Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau (CECB) functioned under the Ministry of Mahaweli Development & Environment, Sri Lanka. Finding the utmost importance of preserving the environment while catering the construction sector, CECB has taken the initiative of establishing the NRM&LS, to fulfill the construction and industry related environmental issues in accordance to the government regulations.

Stating with the Moragahakanda Hydro Power Project in year 2000, today NRM&LS is engaged with a wide variety of Environmental Impact Assessments, Disaster Risk Assessments, Environmental Management Plan and Social Safeguard Studies both locally and internationally. Some of the major projects include Conflict Affected Region Emergency (CARE) Project conducted in Nothern Province in Sri Lanka, range of Irrigation Projects, Water Supply Projects, Mini Hydro power projects, Port City Development Project, Waste to energy development project which has a national significance and internationally for many Hydro Power projects and Social and Environmental Assessment such as the Nyamwamba Small Hydro Power Project ,Uganda which our commitment and dedication is highly involved.

The CECB laboratory services of NRM&LS comprises an advanced laboratory spectrum providing a range of sample testing including the Chemical and Environmental Laboratory, Advanced Concrete Testing Laboratory, Advanced Soil Testing Laboratory, Geotechnical Investigations and foundation excavation. Theses laboratories are well-equipped with the advanced instruments and latest technology network in which highly trained professionals involved in carrying out diversified testing methods and research projects to furnish the best solutions for around 2000 clientele.

At present, NRM&LS has its major involvements in the Mega City Development Projects conducted under the Government of Sri Lanka which concerns on Disaster Risk Management such as Floods, Droughts and Landslides. Our ultimate goal is to achieve sustainable development of the society through strong commitment in delivering engineering services entangled with public-private partnerships in the global industry.

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