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Department of Disaster Management, Min. of Social Welfare, Relief and Settlement, Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Nay Pyi Taw


Relief and Resettlement Department had emerged in Myanmar since the pre-independence .1945, a center for social and rehabilitation has emerged in the Office of the Director load desertion collecting loans and resettlement issues. 1948 When independence of Education, Ministry of Social and Rehabilitation was originally formed as operations proceed. Education on (1-11-1951) Relief and re-formed as the Ministry of placement loan collection, deserters Insurgency community housing forsaken supplies to rescue people, destroyed homes and placed back in service.

In 1972, rescue, Resettlement and the Ministry of National Unity formed as canceled. Relief and Resettlement Department under the Ministry of Social Welfare Department. Relief and Resettlement Department, Emergency Management Center (EOC), Disaster Management Training Center (DMTC), Region / State Department's Office (15) Office and the Office of the District Officer's Office (29) activities. On 31.1.2018 the name of Relief and Resettlement Department, the Department of Disaster Management name was transformed.

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