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Diaster Management Institute (DMI)
Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)



Disaster Management Institute (DMI) was established in August 2016 as one of the School Center of Excellence (SCoE) institutes to spearhead the disaster management research capability of the school and to collaborate with related agencies and universities that have common interest in disaster management research areas. Disaster Management Institute focuses its research mainly on three important phases in the disaster management cycles; the pre disaster phase

(preparedness,mitigation and early warning), during disaster phase (response such as evacuation, control room and others) and post disaster phase (recovery, rehabilitation, reconstruction and development, risk on damaging properties and others). The institute concentrates on high impact disaster management research by aligning to the university's niche areas through collaborating with related private companies, government agencies, local and international universities. Since the expertise of DMI is providing education by creating awareness and disaster resilience, another niche area for the institute is to educate communities, which include public including business communities, school, non-profit organization and other interested parties. Hence, for developing the capacity building in the disaster management field, the institute would invite any interested parties to co organize conference, training, executive courses and also other academia activities related to managing disaster.

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