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Global Resilience Institute, Northeastern University

Boston, MA

The research and educational mission of the Global Resilience Institute (GRI) is to develop and deploy practical and innovative tools, applications, and skills that drive social and technical changes which strengthen the capacity of individuals, communities, systems and networks to adapt to an increasingly turbulent world. Our objective is to help advance preparedness at multiple levels to effectively respond to slowly emerging disruptions and sudden disasters, both human-made and naturally-occurring.

GRI accomplishes its mission by facilitating new interdisciplinary research collaborations; working in close partnership with industry, government, communities, and non-governmental organizations; and engaging in external outreach to inform, empower, and scale bottom-up efforts that contribute to individual and collective resilience. GRI in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Ernst-Mach-Institut, has founded the Global Resilience Research Network (GRRN), a membership network of leading universities, institutes, non-profit organizations, and companies engaged in resilience research that informs the development of novel tools and applications. By connecting resilience researchers with practitioners internationally, GRRN helps to ensure that global expertise is leveraged in order to meet the urgent need for devising interdisciplinary solutions that are practical and scalable.