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International Colloquium on Seismic Risk Reduction, Algeria

Date:20 / May / 2023  ~ 21 / May / 2023 
Venue:International Conference Center (CIC), Algiers, Algeria












Prof. Djillali Benouar, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Built Environment Research Laboratory (LBE), University of Science & Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB), Algeria shared information about the International Colloquium on Seismic Risk Reduction held in Algiers, Algeria from 20 to 21 May 2023.

The purpose of the colloquium.

"To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the earthquake disaster of Boumerdes Mw6.8, on May 21; 2003, the international colloquium will be organized under the high patronage of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid TEBBOUNE, and the Ministry of Habitat, Urban Planning and the City will be held on 20 and 21 May 2023 at the International Conference Center (CIC) in Algiers.

Over the past few decades, Algeria, like other earthquake-prone countries in the world, has experienced several earthquakes that have generated thousands of victims and caused significant damage to both infrastructure and at the social level. The Boumerdes earthquake of May 21, 2003, is considered among the most important in the country and in the western Mediterranean region, like the El Asnam earthquake of October 10, 1980, taken as a reference earthquake for the implementation of the seismic risk reduction strategy in our country.

The meeting will bring together decision-makers and the main stakeholders in the act of building, in particular professionals and scientists, the Algerian media, local communities, civil society, official state institutions, will be an opportunity to review the assessment of the strategic actions conducted and the prospects drawn up by Algeria in terms of seismic risk reduction.

The event is also intended to be an exchange of information and experiences through the expansion of communications to international experts and scientists, while capitalizing and promoting the Algerian experience in terms of seismic risk reduction."

The Colloquium will include plenary sessions, documentaries and testimonials, panel discussion sessions and four workshops - Seismic hazard and microzoning; earthquake engineering; governance and investment in risk reduction; and Preparedness and response on post-catastrophic intervention in the framework of seismic resilience.

Prof. Hirokazu Tatano, Secretary-General, the Global Alliance of Disaster Research Institutes (GADRI); and Professor, Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI), Kyoto University, Japan is invited to talk about lessons learned from earthquakes in Japan.

Please refer to the concept note and the programme for further details.

Concept Note


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Prof. Hirokazu Tatano and Prof. Djillali Benouar


[ 18 May 2023  ]

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