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Lecture Series: Visiting Professors from BRGM (The French Geological Survey)

Date:23 / Mar / 2018 
Venue:Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI), Kyoto University, Uji Campus, Conference Room S-519D, Kyoto, Japan

Dr. Florent De Martin and Dr. Pierre Gehl of BRGM (French Geological Survey) are visiting DPRI. They will present their Work Packages of the ongoing ANR EXAMIN project


Project EXAMIN: P.I. Dr. Irmela Zentner (EDF R&D Lab Paris-Saclay)
Evaluation expérimentale et modélisation numérique de la variabilité spatiale du mouvement sismique pour l'analyse du risque sismique d'installations industrielles et infrastructures

EXAMIN Project (EdF, ISTerre, BRGM)

EXperimental Assessment and Modelling of ground motion spatial variability for performance based seismic risk assessment of industrial plants and INfrastructures


The integrity of critical facilities and networks during an earthquake is a vital element for the sustainable development of societies and environments. It is now recognized that the spatial variation of seismic ground motion affects the dynamic response of extended and multi-supported structures such as bridges, embedded galleries, pipelines and more generally on infrastructure networks or industrial plants comprising several adjacent buildings. However, this variability at local and regional scales is generally not accounted for in current seismic risk and loss assessment. This project proposes a multi-disciplinary approach involving synthesis of geophysical and in-situ experimental data along with intensive numerical simulations and stochastic models to be integrated into the full risk assessment chain. The outcome of this project will allow for a more accurate evaluation the vulnerability and resilience of urban systems and infrastructures exposed to spatial seismic hazard.

You are welcome to attend the lecture.

[ 22 March 2018  ]

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