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At the Second Annual Conference of the International Network for Advancing Transdisciplinary Education (INATE) - Managing Global Changes for Sustainability held at the Pukyong National University (PKNU), Busan, South Korea, GADRI was represented under the session "Disaster Risk Management". Prof. Hirokazu Tatano presented the GADRI framework, vision and roadmap for the coming years, and Dr. Subhajyoti Samaddar presented the GADRI project on Capacity Building. Many participating institutes at the INATE Conference indicated their willingness to join and work together with GADRI.


About INATE: The highly complex problems of today spawned by rapid global changes evolve too fast for us to adapt to such changes effectively. Their inter-connectedness requires a holistic transdisciplinary approach that brings all stakeholders together, including the academe, local government units, NGOs and communities, to foster rapid feed backs and effective exchange of knowledge and experiences that will enable efficient formulation of sustainable solutions. Transforming conventional project planning to transdisciplinary project design and implementation requires new research on collective solution identification, program design and implementation. This calls for a new type of education and training that promotes transdisciplinary actions. The International Network for Advancing Transdisciplinary Education (INATE) was established in 15th March 2015 during the World Disaster Risk Reduction Conference to address these issues collectively.


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