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Research and Education Center for Natural Hazards
Kagoshima University


Through the Nansei Islands in the southern Kyushu, torrential rain, typhoons, volcanic eruption, and a variety of other natural disasters caused by such earthquakes (wind and flood damage, sediment-ground disaster, volcano, earthquake disaster, tsunami disaster, etc.) have affected the area. Disaster will change with the times, large scale, and composite.

Nuclear disaster should also be considered as a new challenge. And the establishment of a regional disaster prevention system that corresponds to this new situation, the promotion of a comprehensive disaster prevention education and research has become an urgent issue to support it.

Kagoshima University Disaster Prevention Education and Research Center, in order to reduce the prevention of disasters in the Nansei Islands region from the southern Kyushu, actual elucidation of the disaster, prediction, disaster prevention education, disaster emergency response, cooperation with local challenges such as disaster recovery reconstruction on effort, do the activities towards the improvement of the local disaster prevention force.

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