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Research Center for Social Safety Science, Faculty of Safety Science, Kansai University


Natural and man-made disasters reveal problems that we typically fail to notice in our daily lives. The Faculty of Safety Science aims to minimize natural and man-made disasters through finding and solving existing problems by carefully observing society, people and nature through the lens of safety and security.

The faculty intends to foster human resources equipped with problem-solving capabilities by developing studies into specialized fields including law, politics, economics, business administration, psychology, sociology, science, informatics, engineering and social medicine as well as comprehensive study of all fields.

The curriculum is centered on the two categories of accidents and natural disasters. Students participate in small-group seminars, and learn current cases of man-made disasters including accidents and natural disasters, while conducting exercises, research and simulations. In the autumn term of their second year, students take either the Man-made Disaster Management Course, or the Natural Disaster Management Course. Depending on their interests and future courses, students are expected to acquire the ability to formulate and implement policies related to safety and security, and thus contributing to society in several fields after graduation.

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