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Advanced Disaster Prevention Engineering Center (ADPEC)
Nagoya Institute of Technology


The Advanced Disaster Prevention Engineering Center (ADPEC) was established in November, 2011. Prediction, mitigation and control of huge natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami and typhoon will be the final goal of ADPEC. By clarifying the process and the mechanism of the natural disasters and developing various kinds of technologies utilized for the huge disasters, we aim to establish the world leading research center for disaster prevention and mitigation.

We energize in "University Consortium for Disaster Mitigation Research in Tokai Area" established in March, 2013. And six national universities participating in consortium let each activity of disaster prevention and mitigation cooperate strongly.

The activities of ADPEC are as follows.

l To oppose a menace of the large-scale natural disaster such as earthquake, tsunami and typhoon, we perform the practical study for the making of city resisting the disaster that can keep people, assets, economic activities by utilizing ability for technology development of ADPEC overall.

l We cope by a social request about disaster prevention and mitigation quickly and support activity to control a disaster from the both sides of hardware and software.

We build Tokai area base of a study, the service of city disaster prevention and mitigation. Furthermore, I build the international collaboration network about the East Asia disaster prevention.

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