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United States



Center for Coastal Studies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University



The Center for Coastal Studies' mission is to inspire societally relevant solutions to the complex challenges emerging in the coastal zone. Nearly half of the world's population lives in the coastal zone and is, therefore, exposed to impacts of terrestrial and marine processes. Currently, six in ten Virginians live in the coastal zone. Sea-level rise, urbanization and other stressors threaten important nodes of the global economy, critical infrastructure for civil and national security, and fragile ecosystems.

Human and ecosystems well-being, economic prosperity and security are interdependent and form a complex coupled network, defining a nexus of resource limitation, opportunity, and vulnerability from which knowledge crucial for the design of sustainable solutions can emerge-the Center for Coastal Studies overarching goal.

The Center for Coastal Studies promotes a vibrant future for the world's coastal zones through enabling, facilitating, and rewarding transdisciplinary research, education, and engagement.

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