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In conjunction with the 6th Global Summit of GADRI, a side event was convened on the topic of the Sendai Midterm Review - MTR-SF - Viewpoints and Discussion for the Next Seven Year of the Sendai Framework.

The session was opened by Prof. Hirokazu Tatano and Ms. Yuki Matsuoka, Head, UNDRR Hyogo Office in Japan.

Dr. Nakano Genta presented a details report of the results of the pre-conference survey conducted among the members of GADRI from November 2022 to 31 January 2023. The survey was responded by 88 member institutes of GADRI.

A copy of the presentation was shared among all participants of the GADRI; and a copy was also given to Ms. Mami Mizutori, SRSG, UNDRR, Switzerland.

The event included two panel discussion sessions. The sessions, in particular, reviewed the current status and progress of MTR-SF; and the GADRI contributions to the remaining seven years of the Sendai Framework Agenda.

The first panel session on Learning the Current Status and Progress of the MTR-SF brought together five stakeholders from academia, governmental agencies and the UN. The second panel session was devoted to discussions by five experts in the academia and the private sector on How GADRI could Contribute to the remaining seven years of the Sendai Framework Agenda.

Each panelist was required to submit two important points to prepared a summary report of findings. The summary report will be prepared by Prof. Charles Scawthorn and submitted to the Board of Directors of GADRI for comments. It is expected to share the summary report with the UNDRR office in Geneva.

The side event was attended by nearly 50 participants.

[ 29 March 2023  ]

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