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Faculty of Security Engineering, University of Zilina



The history of the Faculty of Security Engineering began in 1952 when the Faculty of Railways at the Military Technical Academy (VTA) in Brno was founded. Due to the reorganisation of the university system in the year 1953, the VTA was incorporated into the Technical College of Railways in Prague and named the Military Faculty.

The University moved to Žilina in 1961 and it was renamed the University of Transport, later on the University of Transport and Communications. In 1998, the Military Faculty was renamed the Faculty of Special Engineering of the University of Žilina and the military studies were ended towards the year 2004. All these changes influenced the structure of educational programmes offered by the Faculty. The courses aim mainly at solving natural, ecological, economic, social and other crisis situations, civil security and rescue services.

The Faculty of Security Engineering is oriented towards the managerial and technological studies. The Faculty offers university education in accredited fields of study at all levels, i.e. in Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees as well as in lifelong education.

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