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National Knowledge and Research Center for Emergency Readiness, University of Haifa



The National Knowledge and Research Center for Emergency Readiness with eighty-five researchers, was established in January 2018 by the Israel Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) of the Ministry of Defense. Core institutions involved are University of Haifa, the Technion and the Hebrew University, together with researchers from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Rambam Hospital, Tel Hai College, and the Israel School for Humanitarian Aid; the municipality of Haifa and NATAN International Humanitarian Aid.

The Center's mission is to provide a state-of-the-art scientific research institute to serve as a think-tank for policy framers, decision-makers, the academic community and practitioners from all sectors.

The two intertwined functions of the Center are 1) independently generated, cutting-edge and multi-disciplinary research, and 2) solicited real-time response to requests by NEMA, government ministries, elected officials, NGOs and other stakeholders.

The current activity is a research gap assessment in the eight disciplinary groups (Social Science; Public Health and Emergency Medicine; Welfare and Social Work; Engineering, Technology, and Planning; Risk Assessment and Management; Environment; Law; and Public Policy) which culminates in September with a prioritized research agenda whose emphasis will be multi(trans)-disciplinary in nature. According to the prioritization, research projects will be funded beginning in November 2018. Some of the projects will be of a comparative nature and be conducted together with international partners.

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