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Geography Institute "Romualdo Ardissone" - University of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Contact Person: Prof. Jorge Blanco


The Program of Investigations in Natural Resources and Environment (PIRNA) works since 1988 in the Institute of Geography of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Buenos Aires. Its objective is to generate knowledge and train researchers in the problem of the use and management of natural resources and the environment, with an emphasis on aspects related to territorial configurations.

The central issue addressed is the study of social vulnerability as a dimension of environmental risk in relation to hazards of various kinds. For this purpose, qualitative and quantitative methodologies for diagnosis and analysis have been developed, including participatory interaction with social actors.

In recent years, this knowledge has been applied to the problem of adaptation related to climate dynamics, both in national and international research projects, and in the transfer to the public and non-governmental sectors.

The PIRNA promotes lines of research related to environmental risk, particularly related to catastrophes of hydroclimatic origin. In relation to our research, the topics that would be interesting to deepen can be the following:

  • Social vulnerability
  • Risk due to floods in urban areas
  • Risk due to water use in rural areas
  • Amplification of risk due to institutional vulnerability
  • Education and environmental risk
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