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Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Mohamadia
University of Hassan II of Casablanca



Establsihed in 1975, University of Hassan II of Casablanca is a public university locatin in Casablanca, Morocco. There are over 24,000 total students, including local and foreign. Full-time faculty teachers and professors are over eleven hundred, making it the third largest university in Morocco. Official staff total 850 people.

The Faculty of Sciences and Techniques-Mohammadia (FSTM), part of Hassan II University of Casablanca, belongs also to a network of eight Faculties of Sciences and Techniques (FST) throughout Morocco whose main vocation is academic training in science and technology. The FSTM, located in an area with strong industrial activity, and a vulnerable coastal area. Indeed the city of Mohammedia, and its wider region, namely Casablanca-Settat are facing important risks of floods and erosion. Probabilistic risk assessments for the entire country reveal that floods, earthquakes and tsunamis are expected to cost on average USD 500 million annually, of which flooding constitutes the biggest part. The main disaster risks in Morocco are floods and droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis, coastal erosion and sea level rise.sources.

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