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Last Chance to Registration for Oral/Posters Closing 17 February 2017

Calling for posters and oral presentations

3rd Global Summit of Research Institutes for Disaster Risk Reduction (GSRIDRR)  Expanding the Platform for Bridging Science and Policy Making

Posters and oral presentation sessions will be organized during the 3^rd Global Summit.

The oral/interactive presentation is very useful to both, authors and attendees.The authors can present and emphasis their research work orally during a short period encouraging attendees to discuss further details in the poster area later. The attendees get a chance to better interact with the presenter and seek further information on their research work.

The poster (max. 60 posters) and oral sessions (max. 24 sessions) will take place during the coffee and lunch breaks. There are two one-hour lunch breaks and four one-hour coffee breaks, that can be used for interacting with the posters.

The poster sessions will be divided into two groups:

Group A:

Day 1 :19th March 15:30 to 16:30; and

Day 2 : 20 March 16:30 – 18:30

Group B:

Day 2 : 20th March 10:30-11:30); and 16:30-18:30

The oral/interactive presentations can be a power point, a movie, an animation, a pdf file showing your work on a screen within a strict 15 minute period for each volunteered participant. The interactive presentation will take place at the poster and exhibition hall, which is a combination of several audience sites in front of the displays.

Those who wish to participate in the poster and oral/interactive poster sessions, please register through the following link by 17 February 2017.

<regstration form closed>

Please note that on-site registration for presentations is not available

The GADRI Secretariat office will arrange the presenting schedule and announce it before 15th March 2017.

If you have not yet registered to participate in the 3rd Global Summit, please do so through the following link as soon as possible and take advantage of the early bird registration: