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Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GSGES)
Kyoto University


Kyoto University GSGES was established in April 2002 to address the urgent environmental problems of the 21st century. Our primary objective is to help establish global environmental sustainability as a new field of academic study, bringing together ethics, science and technology, and humanities and social sciences. Through our educational and research programs, we seek to foster a new generation of professional practitioners.

Research Achievements and Challenges:

Regarding to the disaster, GSGES has some researchers in various fields. For example, Prof. Katsumi and Dr. Asari have targeted disaster waste management and reconstruction especially after Great East Japan Earthquake 2011. They have contributed to develop the disaster waste management plan, system and technologies. Prof. Kiyono and Dr. Okumura major in earthquake disaster risk management and have contributed to analyze and reduce the risk. Beside them, education for disaster risk reduction, migration caused by disaster and others are targeted by other researchers.

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