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International Centre for Water Hazard and
Risk Management (ICHARM


The mission of ICHARM is to serve as the Global Centre of Excellence for Water Hazard and Risk Management by, inter alia, observing and analyzing natural and social phenomena, developing methodologies and tools, building capacities,

creating knowledge networks, and disseminating lessons and information in order to help governments and all stakeholders manage risks of water-related hazards at global, national, and community levels.

To cope with major water-related disasters, such as floods, it is important and essential to strengthen not only individual but also organizational capacity in disaster management, because there is always limitation for what each person can do. Well aware of that fact, ICHARM conducts the following training courses which can contribute to organizational capacity development through training individuals.

* Comprehensive Management of River and Dam (JICA)

* Making JICA Training Program: Capacity Development for Flood Risk Management with IFAS (JICA)

* Water-related Risk Management Course of Disaster Management Policy Program (JICA & GRIPS)

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