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Center of Environmental Science and Disaster Mitigation for Advanced Research (CEDAR)
Muroran Institute of Technology


The center was established to help improve the global environment and conserve regional environments and to develop technologies and systems in preparation for natural disasters.

As part of the institute's social contribution, the center, which is staffed by faculty members from a variety of fields transcending departmental boundaries, carries out research related to the environment, disaster prevention and new energy in collaboration with other centers on campus.

We are striving to contribute to global environmental improvements and the preservation of local environments, and to develop disaster management technologies and systems that will help prepare us for natural disasters.
We organize our instructors in such a way that they can work across the boundaries of various research fields, having created a cooperative structure between MuroranIT's various centers on campus. At the same time, we are contributing to society by promoting research in the fields of environmental science, disaster management, and new energies.

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