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Center for Disaster Management
Informatics Research (CDMIR), Ehime University


The Center for Disaster Management Informatics Research (CDMIR) at Ehime University was established in 2006. In the beginning, it was composed of only four research divisions including Disaster Medical Care Research Division, Regional Disaster Prevention Research Division, Infrastructures for Disaster

Prevention Division, and Division for Disaster Information Network System in Asian Region, but in 2010, Nankai-Trough Earthquakes Research Division was also added so as to revisit the disaster preparedness plan against the widespread damage during Nankai Earthquake.

More recently in 2014, the number of research divisions has increased to six with the addition of Urban Design Research Division. CDMIR objectives are being met basically through the following two types of activities: (1) Support the local communities with disaster mitigation plans in Ehime (2) Strengthen collaborative relationship for disaster mitigation in Asia As a local disaster mitigation support, CDMIR has been annually convening Ehime Disaster Management Forums since 2009. The forum consists of public, private, and academia groups including the mayors of 20 cities and towns of Ehime prefecture. In 2011, the Association of Regional Disaster-Prevention Research in Ehime was established under the initiatives of CDMIR, to study the diverse disaster prevention and mitigation issues from a regional perspective. As one of the natural disaster hotspots of Asia, Ehime University has signed academic exchange agreement with five universities and colleges in Nepal that include Nepal Engineering College, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, and others. In 2006, a satellite office of Ehime University was also placed in Kathmandu Nepal to facilitate various Nepal-based disaster management activities of CDMIR. Since then, CDMIR has been conducting various research and training activities aimed at supporting disaster mitigation efforts of Nepal. International symposiums and seminars on disaster mitigation/management issues are also frequently organized. The overall goal of CDMIR is to promote regional disaster management as a part of societal development to foster disaster-resistant and disaster-resilient communities for Ehime, for Shikoku, for Japan, and for Asia.

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